Organic Raw Dates From San Marcos

Their website: San Marcos Date Farm

San Marcos Dates

The latest discovery in my ongoing date adventures is The San Marcos Date Farm. They sell high quality and highly inexpensive raw dates. Although not certified, they are organically grown, and not treated with heat or preservatives. Meaning that they’re picked and shipped to your door. Plump and juicy fresh out of the sun’s oven, they are like tree grown sweet buns.
The per pound prices are economical, as well… to say the least (jumbo medjools for $5.50 per lb).

The farm is a family run business and they take scrupulous care of their palms and fruits. The use of chemicals or pesticides is deemed unnecessary because the dates are always bagged when they begin to ripen… so no bugs or animals get to eat them… just people.

San Marcos Dates

And if you’re wondering why you should not be calorie-afraid of eating dates to actually loose weight and keep intestinal parasites in check, then check out my geeky-research post on how awesome it is for you to eat that sweet treat. Click ‘ere.

Note that off-season (during the late winter months) San Marcos will freeze their dates.