Offender 2 – Official Trailer

The trailer for Offender 2 is now live, and on the game’s website.
It turned out better than expected, and has a little look/feel from Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove trailer. It’s a bit of a nod to it. I loved that movie.
Overall it’s exactly what I wanted. More of a stand-alone miniature animation, with a story and script, than an outright trailer.

Download the .mov HERE.

You can also view the full quality .swf version in all its lossless vector glory HERE. Which I recommend.

If you haven’t done so already, play the game! Click here to visit its website.

Offender 2 is my latest creation. It refers to itself as a “game made from the alien’s point of view”.
Game design wise I wanted to make it VERY simple and gradually build on to it as you progress. Humor (that of the situation that you find yourself in, and the reaction of the bunnies you are assaulting) is one of the main focuses as you play.
The game has been strongly influenced by old games of the DOS era, it’s also paying a little homage to them (style and mechanics wise). I used to play these for ever.
For example (to name a few): Chickens 2, Cheesy Software’s games, Jump ‘n Bump, or games like Scorched Earth… the list could go on forever, but (as the titles above demonstrate) I wanted simplicity with silly goals built around it. Humor was to be the core mechanic.
Instead of adding functionality/features like upgrades, weapons, power-ups (common examples, which I thought way too knee-jerk) I substituted those for goofiness. Especially in dialogue (what bunnies say to you during game-play, and as things get out of hand).
I thought the entire out-of-control situation should speak for itself, the game’s concept itself is pretty crazy.
It starts simple then eventually escalates to all-out war, which I love about this.

I am now moving Offender 2 production into mobile territory (the game started off intended for mobile devices), so I’ll probably be refining (or adding) more features/functionality as I take a second look. Playing it on another platform should help a lot!

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