Offender 2 – Mobile Development, Merchandise & Open Sourcing Update

I’m writing this to make a brief update, and extend a warm thank you for everyone’s support. Offender 2 has been featured/written about on Indie Statik, and Bit Maiden. This is amazing! Both of these places are really cool review sites, with a great indie game selection. They are definitely worth checking out.
I have been writing editors of online publications. Maybe I’ll (eventually) compile a list of places that feature indie games so as to help other people doing the same. After you’re done (solo) creating your game (which is a lot of work already), you promote it (which is a lot more work)… But I enjoy it. It’s very rewarding to see people playing it.

I was asked if I do merchandising. Honestly I’ve never thought about it, but fell in love with the idea. I started looking around, and found Shapeways. A 3D print on demand service. They print in a variety of materials ranging from plastic, to metals, ceramics, and full color sandstone. Which is totally cool because I will be making toys!
I will also use Society6 for shirts, prints, and phone cases. I’m still looking into print on demand stickers… I’ll be doing all that as soon as I have my other obligations out of the way, so stay tuned for merchandising awesomeness!

In other news Rustbox Games is working on a really cool project called the Indie Dev Collage. I think this is an awesome idea, because… well, come on! Indie + collage! That’s an artistic + creative way of promoting people. Check it out on their website, they are currently asking for screenshots… Also worth mentioning is their Zombie Jack — which is their up-and-coming game. I like the mentioned art style…

At any rate… as a thank you for everyone’s support, I’m open sourcing the Offender 2 animated trailer. Maybe it will come in handy if you are learning animation… I like digging into peoples source files/back-end-things. It’s how I learned. So…
Download it here.
Or check out the Offender 2 folder here.
–Already some interesting things there (like code, and stuff), which may come in handy for some people.

Thank you everyone! The iOS (mobile) release will be out soon!

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