Gay, Gypsy And Jew Music Video

The music video for the song Gay, Gypsy And Jew is live. The song is the creative genius of the cross-cultural mash up known as Rotfront (Emigrantski Raggamuffin Kollektiv). Produced by the equally brilliant cross-cultural mash up record label Essay Recordings – home of Gypsies, Jews, and some of that global ethnic beat.
Other artists behind it are:
RotFront featuring András Kéri / MC Columbo (Irie Maffia, Brains),, Gaya Arutyunyan (Deti Picasso, Vattican Punk Ballet), Mickael Franci (Mala Vita), Annette Ezekiel Kogan (Golem), Rude (La Maquina), Perkalaba, Daniel Kahn, DJ Ipek, Wladimir Kaminer.

In a world that’s growing increasingly less tolerant to intolerance, musical & pop-culture movements pave the way to stir up our view of each-other. It’s like light in the darkness, and it doesn’t take much light to make change.
It’s an interesting (possibly emotionally controversial) remark to make that we’ve come far in terms of racial tolerance. Some would view this comment with sarcasm (“yeah, right white girl!”), but that’s missing the point. If one compares x amount of years ago with today there is encouragement to be had.
When my mom (Serbo-Croatian + some) was growing up, and into her 20’s, she was hated (often viciously) for coming from the wrong side of the country, or for having too high cheek bones (that’s an example, there where other dumb reasons). Hate crimes are based off such minor discrepancies… These things become ridiculous real fast.
So, in short, looking back at ourselves, and the positive leaps and bounds we’ve made in terms of civil rights, justice, and equality, we can be proud of ourselves.
It goes without saying that the internet has helped tremendously with dis-empowering our fear of “The Others” in terms of nationality, and race.
You can’t hate someone once you really get to know them. It’s simply an impossibility.
You realize they’re like you, just a little weird.
Past approaches where often about demonizing the other side, today it’s becoming increasingly harder to do that.
The next step, I believe, to further overcome intolerance, would be to become tolerant to each-other’s brains (mindsets & beliefs).
At any rate, that’s all interesting, enough text… Here it is again:

Youtube Link.

Rontfront MySpace

Rontfront website

Essay Recordings website

Gay, Gypsy And Jew Lyrics:

Gay, gypsy and jew –
Our country is so proud of you
Gypsy, jewish and gay –
We sing this song for you today
In this tolerant world
There are many boys and girls
Who are gypsy, jewish or gay
Thats what I say

Gay, gypsy and jew –
You must stand up and say it loud
Gay, gypsy and jew –
You know your neighbours will be proud
Once I’ve heard some guy say
That it’s not very cool
To be gypsy, jewish or gay –
But he’s a fool!

Right now
It’s time to come out
And say it quite loud:
“I’m Gypsy, Jewish and Gay!”

Gay, gypsy and jew –
This is not 1932
Gypsy, jewish and gay
But when I hear what people say
We can pray how we pray
We can love who we chose
We can play gypsy play

Reggae Solo Lyrics:

mi have a friend who a jipsy have a friend who a jew
how you feel bout others Iah it’s up to you
just keep inna mind Columbwoy pass it thru
there’s lotta haters still wise dem just a few
from Hungary to Germany now listen mi again
pon our way alla wi need a true friend
with grudge humanity get close to the end
respect and love wha Rotfront recommends

Rap Solo Lyrics:

Beying Gypsy or beying gay
I must handle my color everyday
And my jewish friend He´s gotta pray
They say it´s his destiny, but it ain´t
There on the street meeting diversity
Fuck this purity of my identity
Like in 1950 affro in Harlem
Jewish or Gypsy, Gay what´s your problem?

We need a widsom, so stop the bullshit
Just let us go kid, we rock and roll it
Looking up to the skies seeking true
Black or white,for both heaven is blue
So she likes pussy, I like it too
Just let her choose the way she likes to
And let me breathe when I grab the mic
Gipsy dot Cz, yeah, that´s right..

For the hell of it here’s the other video (Sovietoblaster).

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