The Power of Pop Culture

I’ve been meaning to post this up earlier today.
It’s a re-blog of what’s going on at, and very much worthy of one since it brings up a lot of profound points about the positive aspects of western culture.
A video interview with my greybeard (father / uncommanding officer). As summarized:

“A discussion on the mentality behind the iron curtain and the peoples view of the west. This includes first person accounts of relief related, and other political work that was being done in East Berlin, and Yugoslavija at the time.”

First-Person Accounts – What Took Down The Wall (Part 1) from Larry Lawhead on Vimeo.

First-Person Accounts – What Took Down The Wall (Part 2) from Larry Lawhead on Vimeo.

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    This “free sharing” of ifnroamiton seems too good to be true. Like communism.

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