The Day I Found God

Today I found God!
In the palm of my hand…
In him I trust, to pay
My daily quarter-pound ham.
Obliged by my deity to spend
Sweet insatiable demands.
My God is generous and wants me to have;
Minivans, and drive-throughs, superficial devotions,
Better job performance, less headaches and more sex,
The more I have, the more I wish I had less…

Great pleasure-seekers addicted to routine!
Save my soul savings for satisfaction guarantees…
Humor me please, real people, real beef,
I am what I eat; domesticated meat.
Sweet liberty never felt so free,
When I spend my freedom on cable TV.
But what am I really, filled with the wisdom of slogans?
Talk show debates and coupon code rebates…
The more I have, the more I wish I was a nomad.

In the age of all-you-can-eats,
I never felt so hungry, or less pleased.
Slow surrender as I age, stimulated demise,
Understand me please, dear shrink, I can pay for sympathy.
But hunger devours, such strange hunger gnaws at me,
In unsatisfied growing measure.
The more I eat the less I feel,
While I eat I can feel free.
I’m told I need love, I can pay for empathy.
But the more I pay, the more I cheat myself of me…

Love me blind desire and passionate apathy.
Marketable devotion
Quoth the car salesman; “Try before you buy!”
And love became a slogan.
Do significant others come shrink wrapped in a package,
Designed in Cupertino, California?
Or are they more whole-salable?
En mass, economically stocked and stacked,
In membership warehouses where various brands,
Are available in various ethnic groups.
And what’s the exchange policy? I wonder…
Yet, the more I try before I buy, the more I wish I never had.

God in the palm of my hand,
With this God, I may have whatever I will.
And with this God, cups need not run over,
As this God proffers refills.
Then why, oh God, do I feel so empty?
Despite, oh God, cups being filled?
Oh God, my God, all knowing, all seeing,
Oh God have mercy on this dying being…
That God I wish I never had.