I Did It! (My Entry To Femijam) – Go Play It!!

Last night I wrapped up my submission (A Short Story) to “FEMICOM Game Jam #1: Here’s to Theresa Duncan!” and thought it warrants a little celebratory blog post.

This has been my first gamejam!

The jam’s theme was Theresa Duncan’s work. If you’re not familiar with her, KillScreen has this wonderful article “The legacy of Theresa Duncan and the technology behind its preservation” that’s worth checking out.

Mine is a small interactive story, titled “A Short Story”.

“A Short Story is an interactive bedtime story about a girl that goes for a walk at night, and meets a sad forest creature that she must cheer up.”

Of course it involves a frog because I couldn’t help myself. Still into frogs. Maybe this will change.

I’m pretty happy about it. I can see why people swear by gamejams. It’s fun, and you get the feeling of participating in this cool community thing, and you have this great deadline to work within so it keeps you from getting carried away… I love working late so it’s a good motivation.

I also learned that being part of a gamejam is a GREAT excuse for pretty much ANYTHING. No arguments are made back. Just drop the line "I can't. I'm in a gamejam." and it’s like you hacked reality. This is literally the glitch in the matrix!

On another note, I’m going to refocus on Tetrageddon Games again. Every moment counts so this is going to be my personal gamejam.
Participants: Me.
Goal: Get that thing on Steam!
Deadline: Yesterday.

I’m super committed to it. Have to stay focused now.

Oh, and do play my submission! You can download it for FREE here. http://alienmelon.itch.io/a-short-story
Just opt out of paying by selecting “No thanks, just take me to the downloads”.