Haxed By Megahurtz On The App Store

I am thrilled to announce that Haxed By Megahurtz (the mobile version) has passed the review process with Apple, and is now live on the App Store.

This version is special, and has a lot of new features that make it worth buying, or buying an iPhone for (if you don’t already have one).

Haxed By Megahurtz is tripware, meets interactive sound-toy, blended with today’s internet hyper-stimuli and humor. It’s pop-culture-as-game that pulls the player in the middle of an absolutely absurd situation that eventually leaves one feeling like the internet just exploded.
It takes place in the colorful (and highly theoretic) realm of cyberspace where a manic green alien, known as Minibyte, was taking a nap. His slumber was brutally interrupted when a gang of axe wielding Megahurtz haxed him. Minibyte now finds himself bleeding important data, and must eat as many Megahurtz as possible to keep from loosing all his information, and vanishing forever.
The premise is that you, the player, must save him by feeding him as many hurts as possible (before it is too late).
Haxed By Megahurtz is built to be fast, humorous, and noisy — Like modern culture.
There are three levels each representing something from everyday online life.
The first is colorful nonsense, the second cryptic error-like data, and the last an inbox loaded with spam.
Aside from the main game screaming colors, and fast loud music at you, there is also (and now for something completely different) a mini-game… which is thrown at you when you think you’re done.
Like I said. It’s made to be like today. It won’t quit, or let you quit, with something new to unlock just around the next corner.

This mobile version has unlockable chiptunes by the Scottish chiptune artist Edward Shallow (Check out World Head Law here!).
That’s the particular thing I’m very excited to announce. His work is brilliant!
While I was working on new features, his music came just in time. To me, it was a bit like a miracle since something like this was exactly what was missing. This style of music ended up working perfectly with the game, and it’s certainly awesome to play to.
Because the game is all about music interacting with game-play, it benefited a lot from full fledged songs.

The first time you play it the classic Haxed By Megahurtz dynamically mixed audio plays (that default code driven soundtrack). After you beat the game for the first time, you are awarded a song (chiptune). Then, every-time you beat it, a new song is unlocked. The game also becomes incrementally harder. Unlocking all of them is a challenge. Once you have unlocked the final song, the game will play a random song every time you play.

This is an official release from the Tetrageddon Games project. So, keeping with the gist of things, the source code for much of this mobile version is available here. One of the nicest pieces of it is, in my opinion, the stand along leaderboards system. Example here:


//This would be your current player's name, and score
var plyr_name:String = "PLYR";//your player name
var score:Number = 2650;//his score

//This is your score shared object, and arrays that get populated from it...
var so_haxxx:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("/"); //shared object for the high scores, stored on the player's machine
var arr_scores:Array = new Array(); //array to contain the scores (saved to, or populated from, shared object)
var arr_names:Array = new Array(); //array with player names associated with the scores (saved to, or populated from, shared object)

//If this is the first time they are playing populate (save) the scores, and names, array
if(so_haxxx.data.scores == undefined){
//trace("called for first run");
arr_scores = [3300, 3000, 2700, 2600, 2500, 2000, 1800, 1600, 1400, 1000];
arr_names = ["MIFF", "KAWI", "COFA", "EKAW", "MOJA", "BIKA", "ISUX", "RAVA", "IGOT", "COMU"];
so_haxxx.data.scores = arr_scores;
so_haxxx.data.names = arr_names;
//If not, then populate both arrays with current scores, and names
arr_scores = so_haxxx.data.scores;
arr_names = so_haxxx.data.names;

//A very basic script that checks if the score you are saving is greater than any previous scores.
//If it is it saves it according to it's value on the board…
for (var i:Number = 0; i < arr_scores .length; ++i){ trace(arr_scores[i]); if(score>=arr_scores[i]){
trace(score + " is greater than " + arr_scores[i]);
//push new values
arr_scores[i] = score;
arr_names[i] = plyr_name;
//update SO's
so_haxxx.data.scores = arr_scores;
so_haxxx.data.names = arr_names;
//break out of loop
i = arr_scores.length;

Go to the source code directory, here, for more!

Click here to buy the game!
Or visit Tetrageddon Games.

Ok… Like my sister said.
Since it’s been approved, I can go sleep now.

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