GameJolt Interview & Stuff…

Ok, so… some really cool news!

Some time ago indiegamehunt approached me and asked if I was cool with doing an email interview.

Today it went up on GameJolt. Animated .gifs and all.
Here: An Interview with Nathalie Lawhead

This is so cool! (also because I’m a fan of gamejolt, so you can imagine I am tittering with youthful enthusiasm.)

Also, CloneJam: Nathalie Lawhead (#clonejamnathalie) is starting in 7 hours (as of writing this).

I am going to participate in this because I think this will take vanity to a whole new level and I like that.
Also, just imagine the douchey bragging right this would give me:
“The only gamejams I participate in are ones about me, mmmkay.” (you have to read that with the right inside-voice then it’s really funny).

In other news… I started this facebook event for checking the mail (like you know, I invited the general public to join me, bring friends and snacks). It was suggested that I start a periscope feed for those that can’t be there in person.
By the way, here is the recorded feed for those that missed it:

Although no one came in person (which is probably a good thing since this is a gated community and the neighbors already thing crazy person lives next to them), a bunch did join the periscope feed.
This has been my first successful event. There will be more. I’m thinking about brushing my teeth, and checking the mail again so maybe we can make this happen.

Ok… this blogpost was also to share a bunch of cool news because I feel like the last few posts have been sort of “down”. Which I was, but I’m happy that I weathered the storm and am at it again. Jesus, I was joking the other day that bad journalism didn’t kill Flash but it nearly killed me (my games)… but you know, that’s enough. I am so happy for all these new beginnings! Pretty excited about the stuff I’m doing.

More soon!