Stories are Structures, Videogames are Places – LudoNarraCon 2021 Recording

Hey so… I thought I should share this here really quickly.

This last Friday I participated in a LudoNarraCon panel with Claris Cyarron (of SilverString Media), Jord Farrel (MrTedders), and Zoyander Street (the person behind the Cis Penance interactive documentary project) about video game spaces.
We discuss the assertions that “stories are structures” and “videogames are places”… About how you can explore these worlds, what they meant to us, and all the nuances behind the intersection between virtual environments and the stories we build for them.
It was a wonderful panel that I thought was very inspiring.

The recording is up on Youtube here:

Also, while I’m here sharing LudoNarraCon recordings… I participated in one last year (2020) about Essay Games. It was hosted by Nicholas O’Brien (the developer behind The Last Survey) and discussed essayist work in games.
I’m sharing it here too because I still think back to the conversation. Talking about this stuff is always interesting, and I love listening to what others have to say too.

The recording is up on Youtube here:

If you are interested, you can catch ALL of this year’s LudoNarraCon discussions on Fellow Traveller’s Youtube here.
The event largely covers topics of narrative design and writing. It’s a wonderful thing because it’s all virtual!

And in case you missed it… here is an older post I wrote about Walking Sims (if you like the above topic, you might enjoy the recommendations there):