My Game Update & Other Stuff…

So after getting my controller setup with the GameInput API fully functional, I’ve now moved on to playing around with pathfinding and AI.
I remembered this wonderful project called Daedalus (Fully dynamic constrained Delaunay triangulation and pathfinding). You can see Introducing Daedalus Lib here.
I’m so happy I remembered it!
It’s very easy to use, and an excellent introduction into doing this thing.
The developer breaks down all the theories behind it too, mentioning a couple research publications. My favourite of which has been Efficient Triangulation-Based Pathfinding by Douglas Jon Demyen.
It’s been quite eye-opening.
For those interested daedalus-lib is on Google Code:

“Fastness and accuracy are reached by using among the best techniques available in the field of computational geometry : half-edge structure and fully dynamic Delaunay triangulation. Daedalus algorithms are based on many research publications…”

The project also has a thorough wiki here

I think this is a beautiful piece of work (so flexible and simple). The author also has a few demos of various implementations on his website. For example don’t miss the Triangulated circular maze generation
And Maze generation in 3D.

Much fun. I’m getting into prototyping my new game now!
I’ve got a solid concept which I will be pursuing full-power.

The idea…

I’m creating a game made of a series of two player plus games (living-room multiplayer up to four players) for console (but also playable on computer, so as not to rule anybody out). It’s like a big thing made up of many different disassociated “themes” (games). I will also consider this new game to be an extension to Tetrageddon Games (because I can see something like a “universe”/story arc forming).
Each of these games will be completely different in theme, and all of them totally bizarre.
For example, in the main menu, each player’s cursor will be a dismembered/severed body part and they could do silly interactions there too… like paint with blood.
Level editors for each game would be included (I really want customization).
There would be a series of “main games” and at the end of each a totally random and absurd “easter egg mini game” would be thrown in the mix.
So (throughout) you and your friends would be kept confused and humored by all this totally random stuff being thrown at you to “survive” or win in.
That’s the high-level goal right now…

At the moment I’m working on game #1 of this thing.
This game will be about stealing candy from kids.
It’s going to be a stealth game.
You and your friends are in a city, and you all have to sneak up on parents and steal the candy from their baby. If you get caught you get chased down, and beaten, maybe killed… I can see a lot of fun interaction coming out of that.
This thing will be loaded with madness. Can’t wait to start getting into the art, but… prototyping first.

Also, I’m still pursuing getting Tetrageddon Games on the PlayStation, but that is going VERY slowly. I’ve signed up to be a PlayStation developer some months ago, and just recently heard back from them saying that they are changing their sign-up process and I have to sign-up again.
Until then, you can look forward to a completely bizarre living-room multiplayer game from me. :)

In other news…

The IGF Audience Award is now open for voting:
I beseech thee, oh humble reader, to consider (just consider) voting for Tetrageddon Games… but for me just seeing my game on that list is… wow. I’m still dreaming. :D Must not wake up. also mentioned me in their Rising Stars 2015 for “Playing Games”

“Despite being a year too old for Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, Nathalie Lawhead (@alienmelon) should be one of the indie game devs to look out for this year.”

It’s all so exciting. This new game is going to be awesome. Can’t wait. Hope for smooth sailing.