Indiepocalypse x kuš! (The secret collaboration I was working on is out now!!)

Here’s a small but meaningful announcement!

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the indiepocalypse bundle

Over the last few months I was secretly working on a collaboration project for the “Indiepocalypse x kuš” mashup.

The project teamed up a group of random indie devs (provided by Indiepocalypse) with random comic artists (provided by kuš).

The results are stellar! Even thecatamites worked on a game for it. I’m honored to be part of this!

screenshot from one of the games

The person I was teamed up with is Gvidas Pakarklis, who is an amazing illustrator and artist. You can see more of his work on Instagram.
His work is very symbolic and story rich. It’s traditional media like paper and physical colors. I would never have thought that such an art style would fit so well with my digital chaos, but it did perfectly.
Turns out that glitch art pairs WELL with paper art!

It was amazing too because we kind of just riffed off eachother’s ideas and the thing grew very organically.
Our collaboration ended up being this hybrid webcomic meets net-art zine. The story is about climate change… with the Earth, Moon, and Sun being characters in a story about healing the Earth.
I don’t want to spoil it. I’m tremendously proud of how it turned out, and am honored to have worked on something so unique.
Since it’s a browser project the answer is, yes: IT RUNS ON LINUX. We thought of you.

Gvidas is a wonderful artist. Check out his work and give him a follow.

Working on this was special for a lot of reasons. It was something I was able to hold onto while having to fight with Kotaku and all that nightmare stuff. In many ways it pulled me through as a source of hope.
Everyone involved are beautiful supportive people.
I truly hope more people discover Indiepocalypse. It’s special.

For those that don’t know, Indiepocalypse is a monthly zine that brings back the joy of small demos mixed with game writing… You know, when 90’s game magazines always had a demo disk? It’s like that, but with a stronger emphasis on the subculture of tiny indie games.

It’s beautiful. There’s always something new.
What I love about having seen Indiepocalypse grow is when I’m browsing for good finds, most of the gems I discover have a “Submission to Indiepocalypse” tag next to them. That’s how meaningful Indiepocalypse is to this space now. I really hope more people discover it.

I’m honored to say that my very first game publisher (proper) has been Indiepocalypse!
No big cryptic contracts.
No scary deadlines.
No losing rights over your own work.
No exploitation.
~ Just love! ~
If that’s not a strong case for supporting Indiepocalypse then I don’t know what is…

Please check it out! These are special one of a kind games.