You Know…

You know the world it ends,
When you close your eyes or blink.
The only person that’s real is you…
It’s all invented as you think.

You know the world it ends,
When your eyes aren’t seeing.
And when you look it’s all made new…
As the last one just stopped being.

You know the world it almost ends,
When you squint for just a bit.
The world you see is quite capricious…
And people just as fictitious.

You know the world completely ends,
When you close your eyes for sleeping.
And the world which you are dreaming…
More real than the one you’re seeing.

But where do all those worlds go,
Those lost between squints and winks?
And what do you do as the only real thing,
In a place made up by blinks?

Do you tell everyone they aren’t real,
And quickly blink them all away?
Or do you try real hard and strain,
To squint them all a better brain?

Maybe it’s best just to go about,
With your little secret, just in case,
Someday you see someone else…
Imagining a better place.

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