Words In A Feather

Nature behind a fence and cage
Man kept safe from their true place
I’m sorry, nature, it had to be this way…
But now something’s wrong with the clouds and the birds all die
The birds drop dead and before they go they tell why,
“One day a machine will cover the sky
To hide the sun to cover man’s eyes”
I’m sorry they don’t know what you represent
I’m sorry they’re so full of lifeless resent
I’m sorry, I know…
That if all the birds go,
All dreams will follow and leave man hollow
And if all dreams follow, so will freedom
And freedom will be no more
The spirit of freedom represented in flight…
What do I do with all that I know?
What do I do with all I can’t show?
…Nothing more but hide.

But something’s wrong with the air and the birds all die…
You are beautiful, please stay,
Freedom, don’t find another planet, don’t fly away
Don’t follow all the other spirit icons now extinct
God’s dreaming spirit, represented in wings
…Surrendered wings, clipping beautiful things
Behind a cage it sings
I’m sorry the sky is sick and killing you
I’m sorry, I don’t know why… we’re fooling who?
Just ourselves… we too will follow soon
One day, the birds forebode, a machine will replace the sky
To hide the sun, to cover our eyes
I’m sorry you all die
And what did my kind do with all that we knew?
What did my kind do with all we couldn’t prove?
Quite helplessly; nothing more but hide,
From the words written in a feather, ‘goodbye’.