With A Spoon

With so many fat people, I wonder…
Is this where all our natural resources go?
Obsessively consumed with food unobsession
Observe, health practitioners;
I count my unobsessed bites well…
Kill me with a spoon, my favorite hell…

I eat guiltlessly, guided by the certified wiser ones,
Pre-approved food stored safely in pre-counted calorie packs,
By those great gods of pharmaceutical luxuries.
Conspirators write noteworthy plots…
Please entertain me and my wondering thoughts.
Caught between substance abuse and credible use,
Kill me with another sample, my favorite abuse…

Incredible credit reports, the readings are flawless.
I’m a true patriot, judged by my wallet,
As revenues double in dollars.
Let them meet, that counsel of wealth
To approve new poisons guaranteed to sell.
They know I need it, sweet chronic atrophy.
Kill me with a pill to chew, my favorite hell…

Prescribed sleep, I’m awake but not me.
Feeble citizens need leaders,
And all good patriots agree,
There is pleasure in feeling feebler.
If I sleep I needn’t be free.
Cultured cancer in a late stage is to act your own age,
But how else to act in a thoroughly scientific world?
It’s all above my head,
Kill me with a subscription, my favorite naivety…

So let me warn you dear angel…
Let me tell you if you have wings…
Surrender them, your freedom of thought,
Cut, poison, and burn it all off!
Sleep may be death, but death can be sweet.
They demand forfeit, the industrial gods of chemical snake oil,
From the people we, that readily die on foreign soil,
From the people freed, surgically hollowed out humans.
Kill us a feast! With a spoonful,
Of our favorite toil.