Wed 12:39 AM

hate crimes hanging from a tree
and bickering bigots barking on tv
pointless aggression, why is it this we choose to be, my dear humanity?
when we nail some madman to a cross
for having the bad sense to tell everyone
that it doesn’t matter we should just be
belief should set us free!
love and compassion…
we all have our life history
so does nitpicking slightly askew personal views,
and oddly shaped ways of life even matter?
what’s in the food bowl, who’s fat when who starves,
and is the most hated race yellow, red, or dark?
because there’s a hangman up the same tree we all bark
borders by definition are lines drawn to set us all apart
its like dividing a broken heart
skin tones are just like the other
when we define ourselves by looks, wearing any color is hard
can i talk to the manager please, who’s in charge?
we’re all born citizens of the world despite passport or card
so are borders by definition ever necessary?
when it’s leaders that divide the cake but don’t share it with their people
although it’s the people that build the steeples,
in which leaders make the decisions that bleed their people…
still we’re feeding stone age habits, when we’re better than these
superficialities and invisible lines drawn on hypothetically marked soil
my dear humanity, Beautiful We!
…if we could live and let be.

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