Wed 12:00 AM

struggling to remain unafraid of what i saw the other day
treasure fever and minor misdemeanors leading up to bigger evils
misconceptions of god will not make me fear myself…
so everyone can have more of what they don’t need
the devil too, selectively breeds
humans for his needs
but what am is seeing?
reading between loss of history and meaning
eat now, there will be no peace
until we see
eat how can we ever be free?
as long as there are have and have nots
either way when does it ever stop?
great capitalists count their slaves
preaching pastors and their flock
greater rulers know how to deprave
and label creations divine as live stock
economies built upon us
forced to participate because we must
friends bargaining for trust
but who really weaves this web as thus?
in the end both devil and god return
to separate and take away
eat the depraved
counting lies I looked the devil in the eyes
he saw me just the other day
but i… i will not be afraid