Video Interviews & Social Commentaries

Parents (or your immediate elder) are often the most fascinating people to talk to. They have a wealth of life experiences, stories, or other philosophies, that they love sharing, telling then re-telling.
Last year I started video interviewing Mr. Lawhead. As is the case with dads, the topics range from business strategies, politics, to economy.

You can see them here (they are very engrossing).
Or watch them on his Vimeo.

So… I’ll start something different! Interviewing my mom.
This is the first of (hopefully) more to come.

In other news, I opened a shop on society6. You can buy my vector art as high quality art prints (a.k.a. posters). Click here.
I’ll be adding T-shirts, hoodies, and laptop/iPad skins to it soon.

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