Tue 2:15 AM

our father in heaven…
we don’t need a father
we don’t need a patron king
not another politician, pimp, or commoditized way of being
we need our mother
beneath blue skies, this Earth that hurts
because our father has us beat one another
has us fear our sister and brother
but mother, why art thou?
the culture that refuses to die,
children too free to define…
independent minds can’t be controlled…
self mutiny, now to whom do we pray?
prayer brings no brighter day
so demonize and deface the mother
scars run deep, in your soil we plow
another bomb, another’s struggle
another dollar to make big fathers bigger
and the rich all the richer
but what lies do we paint into the picture
what fine lines lie between a saint and sinner
conflicted politics to make us dimmer
another lost heart broken by the struggle
another blind eye shot from a brother
in truth we need our mother
in truth we need one another

cry me not another tear oh stranger devotions
moving through the motions of yet another notion
that tomorrow will be better
but what of back then?
in hopeless consideration of way back whens…
I hope never to feel again!
chew me up and spit it out
there’ll always be something left somehow
persistence of the human soul
we’re greater than popularized lies sold
self doubt patiently taught and told
lost games are not worth any amount of hell
because winners are greater than the cards they’re dealt
life is like a funeral where no one wears black
leave it! no reason to ever look back
but somehow I always manage to say that
and catch myself running in circles
chasing tails and holly grails
protesting what all my friends died over
so what am I fighting for?
asks the homesick nomad