Taalam Acey – Modern Aestheticism

One painter, who’s unique and highly freestyle work I’ve become a fan/enjoyer of is Ladessa “CandyAcidReign” Sullivan’s. Among her breadth of creative doings, she is the first African American woman doing time lapse oil painting videos as a full production.

Quite recently Ladessa was promoting this dudes work and, seeing that she was involved in a creative way or another, I thought I would check that shit the fuck out!
I’m an admirer of spoken word and, while living in LA, I used to be an active member of the scene there, especially at the once-upon-a-time Midnight Bookstore in Santa Monica. Spoken word is a very inspiring art, and once you’ve had a brush with it, it’s hard to hear poetry in any other way.

Taalam Acey’s Modern Aestheticism is an impressive example of this.

Get Gigs

The poems are preformed in the way classic to spoken word, but this is spoken word that’s damn well spoken. The style is strong and highly dynamic. Words are not wasted, and are presented fluently rhythmic, in a way that could be described as profound hip-hop with no emphasis on pretentiousness or show. His work hits you and it’s blunt, which is a rare trait in a lot of spoken word. Some of the tracks have musical touches added, but these are subtle enough not to get in the way of the performance or poems. The distinct beat they have to them, even on tracks without music, is brought out well during his performance.

There’s a lot of talent in this, as well as Ladesa’s paintings.
The inspiration gained from checking this out is well worth the small price.
It’s spoken art, and it’s beautiful.

So grab yourself a copy.

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