Sun 8:22 PM

equal faces fearfully point fingers at “inferior” races
in superior graces, blame games naming lesser faces
rise you fools, now is not the time for hatred
behaviorism scared not even the elite are in charge
within each… a spark
from within, something slumbers, something breaths
ascending from the deep it stirs it speaks…
wings of a new soul
the roots of a seed planted long ago
one that now buds and yearns to be free
one unseen, come forth songs of stars
it throbs within a laboring earth, mother of hearts
in each it blooms, with the voices of angels it speaks
the unbreakable essence and unconditional presence
that pounds in every fleeting breath
and gnaws at the depths of every mind
something immortal, something sublime,
that even in death knows…
the world will not end
but in our waking birth begins again.