Some Poems As Of Recent

White Tiger On A Leash

White tiger on a leash
Thorned claws
Bright eyes
Ivory teeth
You’re beautiful how you tend to be
Her strength is heaven sent
By will alone, let it be known
At heart she knows that she is free

White tiger on a leash
Dignified dispositions
Fearless hunter
Nobler mother
Driving on, she’s beautiful when she’s strong
Between throbbing heartbeats torn from her chest
And hopelessly silenced jaws
A heart not owned, freedom is a virtue hers.

White tiger on a leash
They do as they please
See her fearlessly
Jump between fiery hoops aflame
As crowds applaud notable feats, but
Wild is her nature, and stubborn the grace in her
Untamable, but breakable
This she knows, shackles pacing in desperate circles
A master, an insult to her very nature

White tiger on a leash
Relentless intuition
A living poem of ambition
Faithfully growling fangs
She knows she’s stronger than whip, or chain,
An idealist’s frustrated standards,
Or a showman’s trophy to gain.
A heart firm, a great heart for her
One that simply won’t be tame
Defiantly, somewhere still, you are free.
Even if they claim this life…
You can see it clearly in her eyes.

White tiger on a leash
Pretend if you must
Make believe break frees
Rock the boat tenderly
Gestures that belong to those unbending
To that clinging gaze of fate
Or the tired ways of destiny
To which heroes die and die again
She, such a strange reflection of we
What everyone is…
So, by will alone, let it be known
At heart, we’re more than this.

All Tomorrows

Deep is that place called despair
Both endless it’s hanging wrath
And grievous the cross to bear
Yet, at that almighty face of fate I laugh
Here the penance of fear would appear strange
Knowing that even fate can change

So hold up your head in hopes place
Open is that hungry gate
Beneath which reaping past does claim
Those burdens of yesterdays,
And quarreling lists of past ills
That so bitterly declare lost trust over friendship spilt
Proclaim thus, you illuminated heartbeats blinded by faith
Today is past future to celebrate
And all tomorrows, the fighting now worth dreaming of.

My Nationality

My nationality is not me
I am more than a body
Or pretentious games regarding racial origin
I am a piece of all, and in unity I am free
With a heart that feels, and eyes that see
We are all brothers, sisters, sharing the air we breathe
I do not belong, and I am not owned
By popular dictatorship, or peer-pressured authority
For rule-of-conduct can be a devil most ambiguous
I will not be segregated by mask, or another conveniently sorted-by-color creed
I wear my face bear, with the intention to last
Carving my life story in poems
And each day is a passing omen foretelling that
There’s a spirit in each of us
Spirits beyond grand arguments concerning national pride
Petty things that mater only to the wealthy rich
My true heritage is a place within
Built of battles fought, survived, and lived
I am my reason to truly be proud
And celebrate the spirits behind veil and shroud.

The post: Poems from Blue Suburbia is updated regularly with poetry. The above are a few that I’ve written recently.

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