Sci-Fi Science of the Day

I formulate sci-fi theories based on reading everything and anything during the small bursts of break I am now forced to take.
…I hate rest.
Rest is for children.
My goal: I will know how to terraform Mars, but in the meantime… It’s been pointed out that some of these are interesting, so I’m pulling #1 out of the archives and posting it up for sci-fi speculative musing (No. I’m not serious about these, they’re just fun).

Where studies of fossil records indicate that evolution does not necessarily take place by prolonged periods of time but seems to be more indicative of sudden leaps and bounds of change, I theorize this change comes from cosmic influences, atmospheric pressures, that have an impact on the electro magnetic field (“electric/energy body”) of a planet’s inhabitants (its biological systems) and that of a planet itself, which causes a sudden rapid genetic shift. Change does not come from only the genes but it comes from outside influences (the environment, and more notably the planetary/solar state) that inspire the “evolutionary” process. I also theorize that this can be tied into older cultures (the very ancient ones) obsession with monitoring the sky. Astrology. The sky was indicative of what could/would happen physically. Thus the saying “a new heaven and a new earth” brings to the table some profound meaning. For example, dinosaurs did not necessarily “go extinct” (well, they did, but the bigger idea being not in the way we necessarily believe it to be), their physical size shifted to smaller because the cosmic forces at that time stopped inspiring rapid accentuated growth. Nothing ever disappears, it merely changes shape.

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