Rock Jewelry #5

Recently I started making jewelry. Copper work, wood, and stone carving, etc.
I love raw rocks and crystals (in their natural state), folklore, shamanic trinkets, and “natural” jewelry… so it’s a lot of fun to make my own iconic stuff.
I combine the rocks with various things I find in nature to work with the iconic/shaman look… as well as metaphysical properties of the rocks.
These are made out of real stones. The carved stone pieces are made from canyon rock.

Turquoise copper pendant and beads with owl feather.

Shungite copper pendant and braided hemp twine choker.
Shungite is a Russian rock and has a very unique structure to it. It contains almost the entire periodic table.
It’s used therapeutically in Russia against trauma. It’s also a medicine.
A rock can be put in drinking water to restructure the water, and will be very anti-parasitic (this is because of the mineral makeup).
It’s very much of an amazing rock with a wide spectrum of metaphysical, as well as traditional (more scientific) properties.
Read more here.

Carved canyon rock flower, Nevada turquoise, copper, and desert dove feathers.

Raw garnet and copper barrette hair clip.

I forgot the name of this rock… sounds something like “hiphersteen”.
Copper barrette hair clip.

Shungait, nutmeg, copper barrette hair clip.
Both shungite and nutmeg are said to be protective (metaphysically speaking). Nutmeg pendants where used in the middle ages to ward off evil spirits.

Amethyst copper hair pin.

Eucalyptus branch, watermelon tourmaline, and copper, carved goddess pendant.

Apache tear, and celestite crystal copper pendant.

Again, I forgot the name of this rock. Sounds like “hiphersteen”.
Copper bendant.

Carved owl pendant (carved from eucalyptus wood) with feathers and cinnamon beads.

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