Rock Jewelry #4

Some more wire bound rough raw mineral, rock, and gemstone jewelry…

I just got soldering equipment / set up a metallurgy station so I’ll start making my own copper jewelry from scratch. It’s super sweet because I won’t have to buy hoops, loops, thingamajigs, thingamadoohigies, chains, and chachkies anymore.
I can make my own designs completely from scratch.
At any rate…

Nevada turquoise & parrotlet feathers.

Golden lemurians & parrotlet feathers.

Clear lemurians & Nevada turquoise.

Moldavite & parrotlet feathers

Black tourmaline & amethyst


Rough black kyanite mineral

And feathers from wild birds for the hair…

Nevada turqoise & crow feather copper barrette hair clip

Lapis Lazuli & black bird feather copper barrette hair clip

Owl hair pin

Crow feather hair pin

Baby owl feather hair pin

Also, here’s the link (again) to an interview & an article by me… It’s totally worth reading, man.

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