Rock Jewelry #3

More wire wrapping rock jewelry.
I’m spending evenings now slowly burning through the inventory. I will have a good excuse to hoard more rocks this weekend.
Purdy pictures:

Amethyst is M’s “tester” from EarthShift. It is amazing quality, as anything from them is.

Carnelian is a broken bracelet donation from OurSacredStone (read more here, visit site)

The chains are from, and designed, by RealmOfTheGoddess. It is a lady (or a group of lovely ladies) that sell custom designed jewelry parts. Like limited edition chains. (EDIT: From what I was told there, but there was a lot going on so details may be confused… and today I came to the realization that Etsy is often significantly cheaper for parts. Like this.)
They’re frequently at the OC Gem Fair where you can buy their stuff at wholesale rates.
Although I’m still investigating options for jewelry parts. There was a booth that specialized in copper which would be totally awesome to try.

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