Recipe: Sweet Spiced Raw Christmas Chocolate

In Europe (Germany especially) spicy Christmas chocolate was always a popular Christmas treat.
So I figured it’s about time for me to make some!
To give to people… So they have food… and stuff… whatever.

Sweet Spiced Raw Christmas Chocolate

The Ingredients:

*Raw Cacao Paste

*Raw Honey

*Pumpkin Pie Spice
OR any other spices that work well are Chinese 5 Spice (which is like pumpkin pie spipce), cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, a dash of cayenne pepper, orange peel + cinnamon, licorice root powder + cinnamon… you get the idea: Christmas spices…

*Lots of dried fruit and nuts!
In the two pictures I have… Candidate #1 (above); white raisins, dark raisins, and ribbon cut coconut shreds. Candidate #2 (below); cut figs and cashews.
Dried fruits that work their Christmasy magic are any type of raisin, dried apples and dried yac√≥n root, figs, prunes, dried peaches, or dried mango with cashews… You get the idea.

The Recipe:

*Melt the desired amount of cacao paste (using the double broiler technique or throw it into the dehydrator for a bit)

Once Melted Mix In:

*Honey to taste. A little over 1/3 the amount of cacao paste is usually perfect sweetness.

*Pumpkin Pie Spice to taste. A little more than 1 heaped teaspoon usually works nicely.

**Mix well and then add…

*Your merriment of fruit and nuts!

**Mix it, like a motherfucker

*Pour into a pie pan, roll into balls, or whatever shapes twiddles your twaddle…
*Refrigerate until hard.

You can store it outside the fridge after it’s hardened.

Enjoy and give!

Sweet Spiced Raw Christmass Chocolate