Raw Jungle Peanut Candy Bars Recipe

Raw Candy Bar Recipe

“The Organic Wild Jungle Peanut contains all 8 essential amino acids, and more than 25% of the peanut is protein. That’s more than any other nut. Over 40% of the oils in this wild peanut is the beautifying oleic acid. Oleic Acid is also known to boost memory and reduce blood pressure.”

They are a superfood that boast a slew of other health benefits, and combine awesome with cacao (which is also a super food).
So! Here’s a super food candy bar recipe I came up with to feed the brain.
I like brains.
Brains are cool…

The Ingredients:

*Jungle Peanuts
*Cacao Paste
*Raw Dates (To use as a substitute for caramel)
*Raw Honey
*Himalayan Sea Salt
*Vanilla Powder
*Optional Cinnamon (It really adds a lot to the peanut flavor)

*Silicone Desert Bar Shapes (Or any other mold shaped like a candy bar.)

The Recipe:

*Crush the dates to a paste
(If you have one use a mortar and pestle and it’ll be stone ground.)

*Mix in Vanilla Powder, Salt (to taste), and Cinnamon

Raw Candy Bar Recipe

*Add the peanuts and crush lightly.

Raw Candy Bars

*Melt the cacao paste using a double broiler technique or in a food dehydrator.

*Mix honey (to taste) with the cacao paste.

*Lay a layer of chocolate into the shapes.

Raw Candy Bars Recipe

*Lay the peanut date paste over the above.

Raw Candy Bars Recipe

*And cover with the final layer of chocolate paste.

Raw Candy Bars Recipe


When it hardens remove them and there you have it…
Superfood candy bars!

Raw Super Food Candy Bars
Raw Super Food Candy Bar Recipe