Raw Confection: Lucuma Lemon Cookie Clouds

“Oh yay! Little fluffy things!”
-thanksgiving guest

Little White Fluffy Things (TM)
Product shot of The Little Fluffy Things ™.

The new recipe for the decadent delectability of the day is this quick 5 minute treat. It’s easy to prepare and the best thing about it is that it’s fluffy.
Besides everyone likes fluffy things… Especially when they’re sweet.

The Recipe:

In a mixing bowl combine…
*2 cups shredded coconut
*3+ heaped tablespoons lucuma powder
*1/4 tablespoons vanilla powder
*An optional minute dash of cayenne powder

Dry ingredients for the fluffy things...

**Mix the dry ingredients
*Squeeze in 3 lemons or 1 orange
*1/2 – 1 cup coconut oil
*1 – 1/2 cup honey (like really raw honey which adds a nice consistency because it’s crystallized)

Really Raw Honey...

**And mix!
*Chop up and add in raw chocolate (recipe here) OR any chopped up >raw cacao paste OR dried fruit like raisins or chopped dates.

Chopped raw chocolate chips...

**Mix again.
*Roll in coconut shreds and make little fluffy white things.

Rolling raw coconut macaroons...

**Refrigerate till hard and give them to people to make them happy!

Raw Vegan Macaroons