When we where young we where chronically hyperactive, especially my sister. This made normal babysitters, who didn’t meet the qualifications of a gunnery sergeant, or navy seal, an impossibility.
Even if presented with the above, we lovingly drove anyone out of their minds.
My sister was having a critical energy surplus, and my mom (who was in one of her experimental moods) resorted to placebo.
Mom handed her a pill.
My sister asked her what that was, mom told her it was lecithin, and it would make her very tired.
My sister took it, waited for a good minute eye to eye with my mom.
Noticing no difference she started jumping around yelling “The lecithin doesn’t work! The lecithin doesn’t work!”
She did this for so long that she got tired, and had to take a nap.

Today she remains relatively hyperactive and is running a web-series by the name of Alexis S. Sornberg, which just got accepted into the youtube partner program!
The channel is called o0bEaUtiFuLErHunU0o:

Alexis is also the she-star in iNTeRNeT BOiZ!, which celebrated it’s 75th anniversary in HD.
It was top of the charts in Bulvaria pubs in 2004 along with Hasselhoff’s “Hooked On A Feeling” and a dying cat.

Added bonus!
According to her metrics she’s popular in Saudi Arabia.

“I guess Alexis (o0bEaUtIFuLErtHunU0o) is a prime example of western culture. My job is done here.”
-Tanja Lawhead

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