Ms. Pursburry’s Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie (Raw Recipe)

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie

An avid purse collector, one day Ms. Pursburry made an exquisite salted pie for her dinner guest Mr. Persimmons, whom consumed it, quite fervently, while the cat sat by. The feline purred contently as Persimons finished with a pronounced sigh, stating “My, Ms. Pursburry, that was a delicious quiche pie! I hope you don’t mind as this last piece, I claim as mine!”

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie

“Nat, this is too good to eat!”
-Customer Review

The Ingredients (Links To Sellers)

*Coconut Oil
This will harden the filling.

-Fresh Spinach
-Fresh Parsley
-Fresh Tomatoes
-Young Onions
-Fresh Garlic Cloves
You guessed it. This Saturday was market day. I grabbed my spinach and onions from Garden of Eden Organics (Click Here for their site). They have a stand at the Saturday Farmer’s market, but are now moving their business to be mail order online. Their produce is one of the freshest yet, and they are insatiably careful about quality. You’ve never had spinach quite like theirs. You’d swear they have gnomes and elves growing it for them it tastes that good.
They sell unbelievably creamy dates. They are very juicy and actually ooze syrup. Their produce is well worth getting your hands on if you’re lucky.

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie


*Himalayan Crystal Salt
SALTINESS WARNING: This recipe calls for the corse ground. If you are using fine ground then cut back on the salt. Salt preferences depend on the size of your pie and salt tastes.

*White Pepper


*Herbs De Provence
Which is a beautiful herb mix that gets its name from Provence (France).
It is made predominantly of lavender, savory, fennel, basil, and thyme. It’s very special, I think, and is one of my favorite mixes. It is to be used on special occasions, like weekends when you want something to taste pleasantly herbal and relaxing (the lavender in it makes it very soothing).

*White Pepper Corns

*Chilli Flakes

*Sun Dried Tomatoes
Without salt. If you have them salted then cut back on the salt used in the recipe.

*Caraway Seed

*A Springform Pan

*A Blender


The Cashew Parmesan Topping & Dough

*Grease the pan with coconut oil.

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie

In a Blender OR Large Mortar and Pestle crush…

*1 Tablespoon White Peppercorns
*3 Teaspoons Himalayan Crystal Salt
*3 Tablespoons Oregano
*A Pinch of Chilli Flakes To Tolerance/Taste
*4 Cloves Fresh Garlic Cloves
*2 Cups Cashews

**Crush It Until Flowery

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie

**Layer 1/2 Of Mix Into The Pan

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie

**Slice And Layer 1 Fresh Tomato Over Dough Layer

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie

The Cashew Herb Pie Filling

In A Blender Combine…

*1 Heaped Cup Coconut Oil
*2 Tablespoons Peppercorns
*4 Heaped Tablespoons Herbs De Provence
*1 Tablespoon Himalayan Crystal Salt
*3 Cups Cashews
*Chilli Flakes To Tolerance/Taste
*1 Teaspoon Caraway Seed
*10 Chopped Sun Dried Tomatoes
*1 More Cup Cashews (For the nutty chunks)
**BLEND SLIGHTLY (Until nuts are chunked up)

**Chop Up The Vegetables
(Onions, Spinach, And Parsley)

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie

*Throw them into the blender
*Blend Until Minced & Mixed

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie

**SPREAD Into The Pan

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie

*Slice & Layer Tomato #2 Over It
*Sprinkle The Rest Of The Raw Cashew Parmesan Over It!

Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie


Ms. Pursburry's Exquisite Raw Quiche Pie

When it’s hard cut a slice, sneak into a special individual’s office while they’re not there, and leave them a slice of Ms. Pursburry’s Raw Quiche Pie! <3

Raw Quiche Pie

Not only is it super healthy, it’s very filling, tastes like fairy food, and is (reportedly) too good to eat.

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