Like The Sea

hello stranger,
more beautiful than the last…
from the billions of people,
no two are the same.
build a pedestal for each!
throw petals at their feet!

hello you,
life; from those darkest times into light…
if we celebrated each-other we would see
that we’re far too admirable to condemn,
to habitual hells and war games of death.
why fight our fellow men?
when, from the billions of them,
no two are ever the same.

hello why,
would we need saviors, saints, or priests?
what we don’t need is addiction or crutch,
sowing seeds of resent that plant another grudge,
and to whom should we look up to,
when it means turning our backs on ourselves?
put the holly word and weapon down
there’s enough bodies for history to count.
celebrating neither god nor greater one,
but the masterpiece inside each.
we’re unexplainable, don’t you see?
when, from the billions of ‘We’,
no single ‘I’ is ever the same…
it’s a weighted responsibility just to ‘be’.

another to greet, someone i’ll never truly know.
it’s always chance that any of us meet,
like the sea, ebb and flow,
people come and friends go,
when there’s billions of people…
so build an altar for each!
carve every name into stone!
because, from the mass that’s passed and is to come,
each of us happens only once.