Heart Graveyard

There’s a graveyard for hearts
If you keep the receipt you can make a return
And bury it for a brand new start
But the bridge is burned
Since she doesn’t have the proper paperwork

There’s that thing festering again
Too common to call a social issue
Occluded by ego’s that like it too much to amend
She ran out of hope to pour on it
And rope to hold since it never ends

There’s that breaking down, just the right fit!
Equality is a frightening thing
To sexually insecure supremacists
Gentlemen retract their hands and let her fall
Something I don’t understand at all
Is it that when she’s on the ground she’s less intimidating?
Or maybe when she’s put down it absolves
The peer pressured qualifications of a crowd?

There’s that excusing remark after insult
If the words are chosen right it works wonders in every light
Ever so worthlessly laundered, so maybe it’s just her
But you know it’s been pointed out before
Teach it how to shatter right,
So they can push and it doesn’t matter, right?

There’s that heartless demeanor that’s considered just fine
Gentlemen, do you really like it begging?
She’d rather rot instead, so give it your best try
True self respect is unforgiving
Knees are wounded, that’s why she’s on them

So there’s that elusive issue that is, but is not
Something to ask the god that forgot
Because he’s too great to mind little have-nots
What do you do if you lost the receipt,
And you have to bury a broken heart?

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