Guest Post Recipes

Quite recently Vivapura asked us to write a guest post for them and if we‘d share a recipe or two of how we use their products.
I immediately piped in.
I’m crazy about making food for people.
I like feeding people.
More than I like eating them.
I’m still trying to isolate the gene responsible for this behavior. Progress is slow as my body is not able to renew its own blood supply fast enough for testing… but I think I just about cracked the enzyme to DNA ratio…
At any rate, the recipes are raw food vegan.
All of them.
They include recipes for cheeses, kefirs, cheesecakes, confections, and other occultist sounding concoctions.
No: You don’t need to necessarily use Vivapura ingredients.
And no: They don’t taste like weedy hippy health food.

Read them here – > [ X ]

Here’s the link again – > [ X ]

And, in-case you missed it. One more time – > [ X ]

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