Hey God, could you let up?
I’d appreciate just a little.
I know people like me don’t mean much.
…Although the president does.

Hey great big something or another out there,
Show that you care.
I know people like me shouldn’t dare,
To talk to you like that.
Although the pope can.
…You must like his hat.

Hey life dungeon master,
Could you scar me a little less?
I’m feeling depressed,
And the scars are finding it hard,
To hold those fleshy bits together.
But nonetheless, if you only answer stars,
I can repress what bubbles up… whatever.
…Those men in control of the world have nice shoes!

Hey somebody, could you let up?
I’m finding this a bit too rough.
I know you like your people strong,
But I’m not part of your flock,
And don’t make much of a martyr at all!
So please don’t burn me alive.
If that’s what you’ve got in mind?
…I agree, the queen has fabulous jewels!

Hey God, I’d like to be excluded,
And find some remote island where I can hide.
It’s just me, no one will miss this, so don’t mind.
It’s not like me missing will stop time.
You know I’m perfectly happy with less than little,
But if you don’t I can see why this is a piffle.
The president has a nice tie! …And I like it simple.