In Slovenia, if you love someone, it has been said that you give them carnations.
In this case study we will refer to them as Flowars.

Flowar is the grammatical singular noun of the plural form for Flowars. Although they prefer to accumulate in groups, they are pack vegetation. There have been incidents where Flowars have been caught, on film, alone.
Such sightings are rare and widely speculated among the botanical community.

Here’s a perspective view of the Flowars so you can see them in contrast to my head. Clearly a single Flowar is larger than my face.

Here it is floating in the air. The possibility exists that they are, argumentatively, not being held up by me.
Flowars often prefer air transportation.

Flowars provide adequate room foliage. If located on a shelf they serve as canopy. The populative act of immigrating Flowars to a shelf is known as Flaoting.

Flowars may in whole, or in part, speculatively reduce minute, to large, sums of questionable emissions.

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