Epic Weird Sci-Fi Scenario #4

So I had this whacked out dream last night. It was more whacked out than usual so it went in my notebook. I think it would make an awesome game or story or something…
A race of specialized humans that, through manipulation of subconscious, manipulates reality, and, in their sleep, travel back in time to change small “butter fly effect” like patterns in order to save the future of the human race (or prolong it’s existence). Mastery of one’s own dream means the manipulation of the surrounding dream. Because reality is a dream.
The scenario starts with a dreamer that sets its projected sub-conscious form back to the Spanish Civil War in order to stop a throat cutting headhunter Emmanuel Hernandez who cut the wrong throat. These subtleties cause chain reactions that save the future from constant doom… Sort of like dreamer, within the dream, which was weird because I was dreaming this. There was way more, but it went in my notebook… Not here.
It sounds terribly like Inception, but it’s not. I never saw it. Didn’t have the time. Wow… Time. If only I had more. Last year I was kept busy enough to drive me to develop an immunity to burnout… but not this year. This year I’m starting something new!
The: I Don’t Give A Fuck Suit!
I have to design and sew it first, of course. Ideas are welcome.
I’m thinking something that looks greasy, unwashed, and reveals high amounts of beer belly + chest hair. It would have to be somewhat electronically enhanced with a woman’s voice giving stats on how bad you smell + calories burnt. Physical activity is such a killer.
Then I can hit the streets to fight crime, and… overachievers…
Or, wait!
Scratch that! (I like overachievers.)
Instead; Corporate Hierarchy.
The lead procrastinator’s name is Dwight D. Wight a.k.a “Cuz All The Good Names Where Taken”. His imaginary friends call him “Cuz”. Wearing the I Don’t Give A Fuck Suit he would fight his way up the bureaucracy chain of corporate America, and pelt Megalomaniac Managers, and Bloated Bosses with the aforementioned beer belly. He frees overachievers by “giving them something else to do”, and passionate visionaries by “giving them something else to think about” (this effectively puts the economy in jeopardy).
Of course there would be plenty of rhyme so the entire thing sounds like a prolonged pun (appropriate for all audiences).
The tale of beer belied terror ends when the lead procrastinator reaches the very top, looks down upon his now fit & muscular physical form, realizes what he has become, and commits suicide.

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  1. Raged July 24, 2016 at 8:37 pm | Permalink

    Did you ever do anything with this stuff? It’s gold, I’d totally read it, or give it to someone to turn into a film or game. Keep it up!

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