Epic Weird Sci-Fi Scenario #3


“…Made in the image of the first tree, the one before Earth. The tree, handed our ancestors down from the sky, and the ones that we brought with us. Trees grow on all life bearing planets. As they grow they bring spirits to that planet. They are the hairs of the Earth that read the nerves. The humans of this mother planet, to save themselves, they must find the tree that brought them to Earth. The one that brought them to this realm.”

If the trees of a planet disappear so does the spirit realm of that planet and life inevitably dwindles and dies. The tree that brought humans to Earth is the mother tree, the root of being, and root of all knowledge. It is in the first great city, of the first great empire, when the human race was truly great, and the human being perfect in every way. The first great city was the source of all knowledge. Knowledge of everything good and evil. All memory of this empire, and the first humans, had been long lost to deluges and cataclysms which cast the human race into a stone age state countless times.
In an age of growing disasters, disease, and famine, it is up to a handful of individuals (that stumbled upon this knowledge by salvaged manuscripts from the remains of the Vatican library) to trace back to their true origins and find the first city. A formidable task as this has been convoluted by popular belief and distorted by the historic self-interest of past empires and their rulers. In the heart of the first city are the roots of the first tree. The roots of this ancestor tree are directly connected to earth’s central consciousness, and it has the ability to control earth and re-instate it’s natural balance. This is what determines whether our planet can support life or not. Having lost knowledge of this will be the doom of the human race. Strangely enough there is opposition by a hidden controlling force that subversively manipulates others (ranging from family, friends, and random strangers) to keep this group (eventually turned fugitives) from finding the source. Their lives are consistently endangered and they are caught between finding out who their enemy is, and what the motives are behind leading the human race to extinction, and actually locating the first tree…

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