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Platform: WordPress
Theme Name: Commander Wilhelm Schnapsfest
Description: They call him Lil’ Willy.
Author: Nathalie L. Lawhead

That is the theme I created for this blog.
It supports Flash header and footer (which are chocked full of playable easter eggs), random backgrounds, and plenty of pixel-pattern goodness, all of which you can either replace with your own… or just use what I made. It’s a wacky one, but I thought I’d put it up for grabs in-case anyone wants a wacky WordPress theme… Hey! If you replace the graphics it can look conventional.

To install it; unzip the contents and drag the respective “schnapsfest” directory into your WordPress theme directory. Enable it in your Appearance > Themes panel… like any other theme.

This borrows from ThemeShaper’s your-wordpress-theme, and the wordpress 2010 theme, as well as plenty of modding out and a few lazy hacks on my part… It’s open source. If you don’t like it, YOU change it! :)