Devil At My Door

Money, is that you knocking at my door?
Come again to give me too much of more…
Things I do not want, what devil is keeping score?
Give me less and I’ll have it all!
Friends of enemies, and enemies of good friends
Counting casualties in an invisible war I so resent…
Relentless wealth, even renunciants are unhappy that they can’t afford less…

Money, is that you killing us?
Money to betray trust
Great empires end thus
Oh you success, should I place in you all passion?
To betray love for lust?
Oh you resent, life let me go, it’s a maddening place we’ve fashioned
Legacies of gold to whom I deny my heart and soul
Money, leave me alone, I’m done playing the devil’s game
Epic quests for milk and honey leave us no home,
The world over great crowds now roam
But what is truly great when all walls decay the same?

Money, great sinners are great at business
Its a shame we worship the winners
Of a never ending race for a reward that does not exist
Rules bend… means can’t justify the end when there is none
But what have we become?
Money, what have you done?
Advertised and sponsored, glory you are not for me!
But you, God, where are you!?
Show me something true…
Show me you…

Quite godlessly, I’m seeking reasons to stay
Loosing hope in the toil of today
Pray tell, desperate prayers to spare me life and take me away!
God, I considered the birds of the air and lilies of the fields,
God, they fall from the heavens and the sickly lilies wilt, you see?
Freedom is free only for tax reasons, and I’m told to believe
The holy books of gloriously holy men as they mischievously weave
An entry fee into a holy kingdom that has no place for me
Oh money… let me be.