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This page has not been updated in a long time, and sorry I don’t have time to keep my portfolio current. So I’ll cut to the chase:

* Yes, I do web development and design.
* Yes, I can get the same thing to work on mobile.
* Yes, I do WordPress, or any other CMS of that flavor, and yes I can customize it however you like.
* Yes, I do javascript and can work with any flavor of it.
* Yes, CSS and HTML (although that’s so basic I hate to list it sorry)
* Yes, I do mobile apps.
* Yes, I do web apps.
* Yes, PHP. (it has been a while, but I can catch up)
* Sorry, I am rusty and outdated when it comes to Pearl, Ruby, and .Net but can learn or re-learn.

Yes, I have Flash examples listed here. I have a sweet tooth for AS3/Flash/AIR. I am not biased and am not the kind of person that will buckle under peer pressure and hate on perfectly good technologies because it’s cool. I respect all technologies. I do not like tech elitism.

* For companies I charge $60 an hour.
* For friends I am willing to work for beer.


Some of my work that ranges from Flash stuffs, interactive art, animations, sites, to crazy games & ARG’s.

A lot of this is my personal work (like games) and is given out for free. I don’t make money off of it. If you enjoyed it then beerme:

Or you can buy my illustrations as art prints on society6.

(Newest Release) Offender iPhone Game – App Store Download

Offender brings those nostalgic 8-bit arcade days to your handheld with a humorous take on the classic side scrolling genre. Abduct as many rabbits as you can, and dodge enemy ships. The player must survive by relying on quick reflexes because, much like old school arcade games, one mistake means game over. Controls are indicated on the screen. It’s intuitive, fluent, natural, challenging, and the touch screen element makes the game all the more fun!


Tetrageddon Games
(Visit Site)

Artist’s Statement:

Tetrageddon is the brainchild of today’s pioneering artists collaboratively evolving the digital age…”

Tetrageddon Arcade is an online project made up of casual games exploring the games-as-art, internet as game, musical interpretation, and comedic theme of games. The project is of a non-profit nature, and is dedicated to making games for the sake of games.

The project explores interactivity, and how interactivity has revolutionized entertainment, as well as delivery platforms for entertainment. It is the brainchild of today’s pioneering artists collaboratively evolving the digital age.
Games are our expression, and the web is our outlet.

Open source is largely to thank for the leaps and bounds internet technology has come in regards to technological innovation, and achievements.
We believe that art is the same. Open collaboration is the key to evolution.
The site has been releasing games as open source. The aim is to encourage collaborative adaptation, and sharing of games. Assets, and source files, are downloadable via a “view source” option. The long-term goal is to become a creative resource for indie game developers.

All games are freeware, and downloadable as standalone PC desktop versions.

Alexis (Interactive Video)

Click here to play!
(As reviewed by Jay Is Games.)

A collection of commercial work done for The Disney Channel can be found here.


Blue Suburbia

Artist’s Final Note:
Arist’s note on BlueSuburbia:
Although BlueSuburbia isn’t under development any longer due to time constraints, and the artist keeping-on-rockin’-on with a creative career, the world here (BlueSuburbia) stands as it is. Perhaps one day I will start creating more for it, perhaps not. When I began I was poverty level poor and could barely afford a functioning computer. When I look back at the conditions I lived in, I’m blown away at what I accomplished. Software (Flash) was a choice between food/water/electricity, or a creative outlet. Naturally I chose the latter.
Sound, and music was always an uphill battle since I couldn’t afford the tools for creating my own (although now I do, and make my own \ .. / (-_-) \ .. / ). I ended up pulling together what resources I had, and using the default recorder that came with windows and a cassette recorder to play things back and forth until I got a piece of something usable… It was a desperate situation, but creativity was my relief from it.
At any rate, here you have it. A very personal piece of me.

BlueSuburbia is the perfect name for this maze of poetry and art that uses the gaming platform as a delivery mechanism for literature.
It is best described as an anti-game because the author believes games to be more than an entertainment medium. BlueSuburbia uses the platform of the 21st century to weave a seemingly infinite web of superb animation hovering in that wonderful territory between wicked and beautiful… It is art freed from the creatively confining restrictions of tangible media, to become a virtual reality that engrosses the viewer with emotional, visual, and musical stimuli, all endowed with artificial intelligence. It is a work of art one no longer passively observes but feels the impact of.

It sounds like a joke but you can literally get lost while wandering down any one of this anti-game’s exquisitely drawn meandering pathways, or corridors of the poetic mind.
The childish, magical feel is BlueSuburbia’s most wonderful quality. It literally sucks you in. The artwork and animation leaves one altogether breathless and curious for what comes next. It has a feel of being from the other side of the looking glass, and gives you the nagging sensation that the rabbit hole is never far off. The Alice in Wonderland quality is mixed with a dark Burtonesque approach to the strangeness of normal life. It’s as if the white rabbit had appeared to, rather than a 19th century little girl, Edward Scissorhands. Toss in a little mindfuck straight from the Matrix, where babies are plugged into a pumping syringe that endlessly injects the facades of society into its brain – and you have successfully described the sunny cul-de-sacs of BlueSuburbia.

BlueSuburbia Trailer:

2006 Trailer
2003 Trailer

Poems from inside of BlueSuburbia:
(I’ll be posting up more.)

Strange Dreams

Strange Dreams: PC Downloadable
Strange Dreams: Mac Downloadable

Strange Dreams


Angel: Poem from BlueSuburbia

Haiku Forge

Haiku Forge

Artist’s Note – Short-Story & History:
This is one of the earlier things I made.
It started out as a site for a studio but the finished product was turned down because it was too artsy, and unusable. So I took the hint and recycled it into an art site. The only thing I did not do is translation work. There where other volunteers – primarily to help out with the music & sound, but that fell through – so it ended up just being me figuring out a way to get music, code, and art to work out.
I pulled all resources together that I could. Not having money for music, or software for proper music creation, I used the old cassette recorder + windows recorder trick, and then I ended up with a donated copy of Cakewalk. That’s one of the reasons for how the sounds are done – sliced and sampled, etc. Music software was expensive! (Although today I have music creation software, and make my own original stuff \ .. / (^o^) \ .. / )
If I had another go at it, I would have made something that is totally procedural, or synthesized. Something really eery that relies on fake “broken-machine-noises” to create a soundscape.
Programming was fairly new to me. This was a yummy learning opportunity!
For the time that this was done in (around 2003-2004, I estimate), it was REALLY edgy. Initially I got comments concerning the ill-usability of it, and it not being a “real site”. Ignore those. That always means it kicks ass! After that it was picked up by a strong user base, accumulated fans, and people loved it (still today!). So I figure it falls into the experimental category for the time.
Photography is mine. That bit was a blast because I would go on long exoduses by foot and just walk until my feet felt like falling off. I took the camera along (the camera was also donated… erm… “kidnapped”). Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries to “get lost” in. You never get tired of looking at it.
My concept for the site was that it is random, and nothing is ever the same. It consistently changes around what the visitor does – from music, to visuals, to animation. Naturally, if I had another go at it, I would bring that way out more. The platform is certainly more than ready for round two of this.

Official Statement (About The Site):

Few traditions transcend political persuasions, cultural differences or religious convictions like the Japanese poetic form Haiku. These uncomplicated picturesque snapshots express life straight and to the point. Each Haiku launches a new adventure taking us deeper into ourselves and the world around us; quite an accomplishment for three lines and seventeen syllables!
Haiku offers a much-needed rest from the hectic consumer driven lifestyle of our Western pop-culture. This Asian jewel causes us to pause for a moment and indulge in simple appreciation. The Haiku Forge is a perfect place for this indulgence.
This environment is the “brain-child” of Jože and Zlata Volaric, and Nathalie and Milena Lawhead. The art and animation is credited to Nathalie’s talent in creating rich interactive environments for the web. Milena edited and translated the haiku written by Jože and Zlata who are founding members of the Slovenian Haiku Society. Over the years this powerfully creative couple have written hundreds of these treasures and now offer them to the public through The Haiku Forge in both Slovenian and English.
Although Jože and Zlata Volaric often create their Haiku together, Jože, who was the president of the Slovenian Haiku Society for several years, remains the driving force behind their poetic success.
Haiku, however, is only part of their creative treasure. This couple has been a part of the Slovenian art scene for years and has earned appreciation among many for the richness of their personalities and real life experience as expressed through their work. In April ’78 the legendary art critic Dr. Cene Avguštin wrote, “Jože and Zlata Volaric are suggestive creators and chronics of our past and present days”. The Haiku Forge is but one example that this statement applies today more than ever.
The sound effects, and music of HaikuForge are a melodious collage created by programmatically playing various snippets of audio from a large variety of songs, both classical and contemporary. The ambience serves as a musical Haiga made from impressions of sounds one might hear everyday; over the radio, or walking down the street. This stunning environment would not have been achievable without the inspiring brilliance of groundbreaking artists such as:
Fryderyk Chopin, Nocture no 5
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Rob Dougan, and his beautiful song “Clubbed To Death”
The ingenious group, Lunatic Calm
Pigalle by Georges Ulmer and Géo Koger
Opus III’s “It’s A Fine Day”, as remixed by brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll from their song “Halcyon”.
…And finally credit goes to the creators of ActionScript.

Metal Shadows:

Metal Shadows

Metal Shadows
is a Flash site featuring my welded metal sculptures. The sculptures are exhibited through sequential photography. I used this method in a way to make the sculptures apear as if they where alive… giving the impression that they are walking, dancing, and twirling, dark things. It’s also an excelent way of showing the multiple angels of a sculpture; something you struggle with when using static photographs. The experience on the site is enhanced with a “scratchy old 8mm movie/film” effect. The end result is very eery and dreamy.


Alien Melon

is my portfolio plus madhouse. It’s no longer being updated, but it’s there. I hope to pick it up again someday. In some places I use “we” instead of “I” (long story), but it’s my work.

Volaric (Life in Metal):

Gallery Volaric

Jazz Kamp Kranj:

Jazz Kamp Kranj

DrinkMe Energydrink Austria:

DrinkMe Energydrink Austria

Customized WordPress:



The Glory of Carniola:

The Glory Of Carniola

The Glory of Carniola


Following are the moving things… Such as animated shorts, spots, TV adds, and music vid’s I’ve made.
You can see more work on my Vimeo. Click here.

Gay, Gypsy And Jew Music Video

“The idea was to take everything that makes pop-culture what it is, mix it with the same humor-inspired spirit that drives the internet, with imagery from the soviet/socialist era. The music is totally similar. You’re talking about a new movement that’s taking the crazy old classic tunes from the east and transforming them into a new genre (gypsy hip-hop, hard core balkan klezmer, eastender brass, you know tunes from the east block).”

Made an appearance in National Geographic World Music
And put on exhibition in The Jewish Museum in Frankfurt on the Main. Read more here.

Space Com: Chapter 1 The Big Gib (Game Trailer)

Space Com: Chapter 1 The Big Gib from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo.

Game Link:
Chaos amounts to unsurpassable carnage as the 90’s section of the internet is attacked by Gibs that are DOS-ing websites all across this once peaceful sector.
Play as one of Space Com’s elite cyberspace commanders.
The trollpatrol of the new cyberspace, Space Commanders are called in to clean the internet up from humanities daily doings, and keep civilization from falling into collapse, annihilation, and 4Chan.
In The Big Gib, your mission is to find, and destroy, the source of these fiendishly evil meat particles.

Game PLAY Trailer for the above:

Tetrageddon Game Trailer

Tetrageddon (Game Trailer) from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo.

Game Link:
Tetrageddon is a variation of that classic blocky puzzle game, with one defining characteristic…
It’s for us FPS gamers.
Play the malicious little green blob, Minibyte, who decided to hijack a planet sized crane one sunny day, and drop debris on a nearby city (quite possibly Tokyo or New York).
The goal is to squish as many lo-fi inhabitants as possible, and block off pedestrian traffic. If careful attention is not payed they will dig a tunnel through your craftily devised stack of junk in order to go about their daily business. Uncanny block piling techniques are in order to continue squishing them.

Game PLAY Trailer of the above:

Haxed By Megahurtz Game Trailer:

Haxed By Megahurtz (Game Trailer) from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo.

Haxed By Megahurtz is a game I created for the Nintendo Wii:

Haxed By Megahurtz is the tale of a demented green bubble-blob, named Minibyte, who was happily taking a nap in cyberspace until he was heartlessly haxed (in the literal sense) by a trolling squad of Megahurtz.
Bleeding vital data, and in a general frenzy, Minibyte embarks on a murderous eating spree. He must chow down as many Megahurtz as possible to prevent critical data loss before all of his 1’s and 0’s leak into oblivion and he finds himself undone. Forever.

An “algorhythmic sound toy” developed for the Wii, Haxed by Megahurtz is a tripped-out low-fi pixelated music-video-as-game based on a dynamically generated soundtrack that is mixed during user interaction. Violating the senses with random images and non-linear audio the game simulates a virtual LSD trip unfolding in cyberspace as player interaction generates wave after wave of seizure inducing e-psychedelics. It also poses the question; how would music of the future “look” in light of the interactive revolution?

Game PLAY Trailer of the above:

They Came From My Inbox (Game Trailer)

They Came From My Inbox (Game Trailer) from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo.

They Came From My Inbox is a game for the Nintendo Wii:

They Came From My Inbox is a mix of jokes and impressions based on various internet sub-cultures, and popular net-icons. Inspired by Spoetry, spoken word, and the early Hip-Hop movement, it is an exploration of applying the Cut-up technique to the aesthetics and functionality of a game.
They Came From My Inbox plays from the Spamers point of view, helping Spam travel across the internet, and various forms of security to successfully spam the user.

Game PLAY Trailer of the above:

Alien Invasion (Contribution to the Human? book)

Alien Invasion

Embed of the above here:

Alien Invasion from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo.

Teden Mladih (TV and concert spot) from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo.

Became a viral “hit” for a while because of a plug for it on College Humor.

DrinkMe (TV Advertisement) from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo.

BlueSuburbia (Trailer) from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo.

Blue Suburbia Trailer 2003

BlueSuburbia Trailer 2003

Apparel Time-Lapse from Nathalie Lawhead on Vimeo.

Time-Lapse that serves as a tutorial for how I make my shirts and other clothing. The designs are heavily inspired by graffiti art. The graffiti style is applied to clothing with the idea that “vandalism shouldn’t stop at walls.”