Design & Branding (Illustration Work)

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Some of my design work, vector illustrations, print, commercial branding, logos, pixel pushing, and etc in no particular order.

You can buy my illustrations as art prints on society6.


The Rainbow Instrument Collection

Rainbow Sax. click here to but the print.!

Rainbow violin.
Buy the print here.

Rainbow trumpet. Click here to buy the print.

Rainbow guitar. Click here to buy the print.

Rainbow Clarinet. Click here to buy the print.

Rotfront Sovietoblaster poster art:

Buy it here.

Buy it here.

Buy it here.

Buy it here.

Click for larger
Above: Poster made for the Ausgerechnet Deutschland (The Jewish Museum in Frankfurt on the Main) exhibition. The music video Sovietoblaster was exhibited there.

Download high quality wallpaper sizes here.

Business Card Front / Back

Lulz! Cats! Hitler! AND MORE!

The Awesome Pirate!

Survivors Suck

Boomer! least he can roll.

Cheese for Cleese Please.
The John Cleese Stencil design

Rolling over this does nothing.
The John Cleese Stencil T

Banana phone T-shirt design... monkeys smell bad and that's awesome.

Bang! Bluescreen!

Wii Remote: assembly and proper usage.


Find “x”:

Shirt’s front design:
Wabbits for a t-shirt

Back design:

Stencil T-shirt

Alt text

B-boy stencil T:
You know there is no known number between 1 and 10 that starts with a 'b'

Breakdance stencil T

surfing with internet explorer is like surfing with notepad

The music stencil

The music stencil

The music stencil

Silly walks

Glow in the dark crow stencil. It glows. Its cool. Really.
Glow in the dark crow stencil

This is an alt tag

alt tags rock

Crow stencil apparel design

I don't create this stuff. The demons do.

A poem from bluesuburbia. It's animated there, so that's cool.

Also a poem from bluesuburbia. It's an interactive piece.

Also from bluesuburbia. One of the first animated sequences.

New Masters of Flash Volume 3


Hellyeah! Graffiti!


Cards for promoting Tetrageddon (Flash game).

Collectible cards


designer cans being printed

The DrinkMe T

Product design for kids energy drink.

The AlienMelon logo. Full pixel glory.

Pencil & Paper:

Click to enlarge