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ARG Launch – Hack Deleted (The Dark Side Of Tetrageddon Games)

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It seems that the 4th of July weekend is a fitting time to announce this, given the subject matter :)… I’ve just started developing an ARG (A.K.A. Alternate Reality Game) for Tetrageddon Games. It’s called Hack Deleted, and will be playable online (including on mobile devices), at Hack Deleted will be an extension to […]

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ARGs and Marketing Strategy (When To Use Them)

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“Hi Nathalie, I came across your site a few days ago, and was intrigued by your involvement with ARG Marketing campaigns. Like you, I think ARGs are a great way to bring attention and eyeballs to a product, event etc. I have an app in development right now and am trying to determine the media […]

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ARG’s: The New Trend in Online Marketing

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A couple ARG’s that I’m responsible for: , : READ MORE HERE : READ MORE HERE ARG’s have become a popular subject mater in online advertising these days. I believe their attractiveness as an advertising model stems from the fact that they’re an easy way of “going viral”, although making a successful […]

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