Casual Blurb On Buisness Models (And Announcement)

For quite a while I’ve been hobby studying social systems and how these system form the behavior, mentalities, and mindsets of the people living and growing up in them. In short, what type of system forms what type of person, or INSPIRES what type of person.
For example tribal, as compared to capitalist philosophies, as compared to Marxist philosophies. One of the most notable, that I have a high degree of respect for, is the philosophy of the very very old Carantanian “democratic system” (most notably Slovenia, which is the most beautiful) .
I do this because I like playing with the idea of how these would hold out in the business world. I often joke with my mom that the company I would run would be in the spirit of the above, but in terms of a group of creatives that work like a commune, or creative collective with complete independence (responsibly speaking) among members to also work with each-other, knowing how creative people are – to create something, distribute the earnings, drift off for a while, start again… Although this is a very hypothetical and naive summary of something much more complex, and the above (as so boiled down) is susceptible to destruction by self-interest, jealously, pride, greed, and all the other factors that infect a system which may have been “a good idea” on the outset.
Reading some of Marx’s works, communism seems like that good idea, and given it’s susceptibility to be destroyed by the negative traits, it fails when running a country. I humor my dad with the idea that; since it’s so fair to the working class, I’d like to see it run a factory… But that’s not ridicule. It’s a serious proposition. It may get a lot farther if it’s applied within the capitalist system we have today, as a sub-system (company)… Then again our family has lived under a number of systems, and lived in a number of communes (some successful, some not) and we all know the common culprits, and red flags, that destroy these. It’s been very disenchanting. I enjoy my parent’s practical approach to lifestyles and governments…

I know this could potentially lead to an interesting post but I’m not here for that. I’m here, on someone’s behalf. To announce that Larry Lawhead has a website where we are filming a few of our dinner table discussions (over the weekends), in a casual interview manner, and posting them there.
This is the casual link.

Edit: Please excuse my extreme dyslexia, and try to understand the underlying theme of these. I am a very horribly poor communicator when talking. For example when I say “freedom” I do not mean “personal freedom” I mean that in relation to maybe the political system (American media catch phrase), etc…

Thank you. As you where.

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