I like chocolate Cake. Or just Cake with chocolate. Chocolate inside of a sweet, baked, doughy substance is nice too. Or I really like chocolate baked inside of a sweet bread. Cake is purely awesome. It is the god among glutton. I should dedicate every post to Cake. Hell, this post should be all about Cake… But it’s not. I’m taking this opportunity to post a bunch of pics from Cali. I also wish to state that I’ve posted (and will be posting) high-res versions of any photographs I take… from now on… for people (only people) to use… if you wish… just provide credit.

Thank you.

Oh yeah! The links:

This post.


Its August” August 8, 2006 (Slovenia)
Sheeps, trees, and vadbisce August 25, 2006 (Slovenia)

The download is very intense, btw.

Random links:

This is really cool: “Stop-motion light”. The idea is genious.

Ligers, and tigons, and pizzlies, oh my!

The prejudice map

Web 2.0 bullshit generator

“…the genrerator 9000 will harness the processing power of your computer to analyse and cross-reference the current climatic conditions of the current music scene, and calculate the name of a new cutting edge genre…”

How to survive a zombie attack


KITTAYS! (yes. I know it’s old)

The alternate trailer for Spleepless in Seatle (yes. again. I know its old)

gallery o’ creepy children

Someone spiked his green tea
-Japanese insult