Branding A Business Analyst

“You Branding?” There’s been a lot of talk that the developing trend for jobs/moneys in the future is steadily turning towards freelance, and that more and more people are going to have to “brand” themselves. Creating an image and hype around themselves, and marketing their skills in the same way that companies will market and sell products. At least that’s how its looking in the more competitive “fast-moving” industries. This may be “old-news” to many… and I may be pointing out the obvious but it is an interesting subject.

So! Here it is. Since we may be hauling ass back to LA soon, and the Business Analyst is… was the only one without a notable web-presence, and the Business Analyst will be diving into the scene first, The Team assembled the Business Analyst an uber-corporate-lots-of-blues-and-bevels site. No! Wait! Its a nice site.


The Business Analyst’s site is driven by Drupal. A really sweet open source CMS solution (I highly recommend it for CMS-ish projects). It’s very flexible, customizable, and is capable of tackling monsters of unbelievable proportions. I designed it (no. the site not the CMS), made the Flash, and “DJLawhead” coded the hell outa it. The Business Analyst even got himself a pimped out myspace. (Courtesy of the most awesome Tanja.)

and a short video “interview”.

The Analyst

Go see!
If you’re into business-stuff it may make an interesting read.

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