Another Rumor

To my good humor, I hear another rumor…
There’s a hypocrite trying to change the world,
By being the same old problem.
At wits end, it’s a laughing matter to yet again witness,
Cause, effect, and another choice to regret…
Voice no resent, but how many consequences are left?
Collect them all to wear like medals strung across a chest!
Here’s another parody best granted lip-serviced respect.
So, whom should be dreaded next?

For the sake of resent, it’s become quite the diplomatic event…
There’s a master of lies trying to hide,
Behind gossip bent in his favor.
Winning politicians feed their deceit to the unassuming
Bystanders… learn to parody lip-services for the deceiving.
So, who will be among the end’s receiving?
It’s the innocent that reap what ambitious hypocrites sow.

To my amused misfortune, it’s become a spectacular show…
All great God’s where men,
And women are there to rear then tend,
The outcome of sexual urges.
…So they say,
But who’s to pray to murderers anyway?
In this applaudably advanced day and age,
Some “she’s” happened to be born on the receiving end
Of “he”… And had to earn their privilege to be free.
But still, hypocrites show no relief.
So fill me yet another cup of deceit!

It’s a laughing matter, no doubt,
When the masters are consistently the same.
Cause of the problem they try to mend.
Cause for resent, and another choice to regret.
So… when, I must ask, can I foster hate?
In my heart, there’s well beyond plenty of space…
Observing the many silly things simply left to ponder,
While facing another lip-serviced parody,
To my amusement and wonder.