2 Ingredient Raw Confections: Chocolate

For those that are interested, I have a more elaborate post with more elaborate recipes on chocolate located here:
Cacao For The Alchemist
Includes combining Shilajit, with other ingredients to make it taste mocha.

One of the things that I’m constantly making for people is chocolate.
Chocolate (cacao) is one of the richest sources of antioxidants as compared to any known food on the planet. It is also a very mineral dense food (it has more than 300 nutritional compounds), and has a strong effect on the brain. The most common neurotransmitter affected by it is serotonin. Serotonin makes people happy. By feeding it to people I’m promoting world peace… or offering a viable substitute for Marijuana until it’s legalized. I like Marijuana. I hear it’s great when juiced… Either way, it’s an insanely healthy food (the chocolate, not the juice). I could go on and on about all it’s wonderful aspects and possibly write a book about it (which there are many). Although all this is in regards to raw cacao (paste, bean, or nib), not the processed or cooked chocolates commonly sold on the market. Cooking de-structures the sensitive minerals and other nutritional aspects of it.

Following is a very simple base recipe, easy to expanded on, to get anyone started on their own chocolate making… and keep them from loosing hair-raising amounts of money buying any of the pre-combined raw chocolate items on the shelves. You really shouldn’t have to. It’s one of the simplest things to make.

The paste.

*In a bowl melt, not above 104°F (40°C) cacao paste.
This can be done by placing the paste into a dehydrator, or use the double boiler technique (glass inside of a pot of hot water)…
*Once melted (like a paste), mix in a nice amount of raw honey to taste.
*Pour it into a platter, or molds.
*Place it into the fridge to solidify.

Once solid it will usually stay hard.
The chocolate.

About the ingredients:

Cacao paste:
I get mine at Vivapura. From all the places I’ve tried there’s is phenomenal. You need to eat very little of it to boost your energy and those sensitive to digesting fat will find it very easy.
Although I can say the same about all the other items sold on their site. It may strike one as pricey, but the quality, freshness (thus nutritional content and integrity being higher), and ease of digestion/energy supplying is amazing. They seem to run their show as if it where a family and take what they do passionately. I love sellers like this, especially when they draw aliens on the boxes and end up knowing you by name. They’re well worth the investment.
I use Cacao paste instead of butter, or powder because paste (from my research) is really just the bean ground up. There is less processing involved when compared to powder, and especially when compared to cacao butter. Even with beans some treatment is involved in separating and cleaning the bean.

Liquid gold from flowers, Mayans used to mix honey with chocolate. It seems to add a special touch. Honey is a very anti-bacterial and anti-fungal food high in micronutrients. The nutritional density depends on the flower the honey came from as well as how filtered the honey is. The less processed the better. I like using it as a sweetener (second to dates) because it is a very powerful healing food, and by supporting good organic fair-trade (especially for the bees) bee farming you are making a noteworthy investment in the health of the environment. Without bees life would end. Bees from good organic bee farmers weren’t affected by the mass bee die offs. This was a concerning issue for industrial bee farming which, along with other disturbing practices, will take absolutely all the honey from the hive and feed the bees corn syrup or processed sugar. Doing so destroys the immune system of the bee since they are no longer strong enough (no longer receiving their “medication”) to deal with diseases that bees are prone to. Quality organic farmers (ones practicing the old-fashioned techniques) do not take absolutely all the honey from the hive. Bees are known to overproduce honey.
Other than buying it from local farmers I use:
Really Raw Honey

Other fun combos for mixing are dried berries (or raisins), cashew (or jungle peanuts), and cinnamon. Macadamia nuts (or coconut) and a load of vanilla are delicious as well. In its melted state you can pour it over raw cakes or cookies before refrigerating for decorating. You get the idea…