2 Ingredient Raw Confections: Cacao Pralines

Raw Cacao Pralines

It’s insanely easy to make, and the pralines are as delicious as ones you would buy at an expensive hand-made confections shop. This recipe yields pralines that are as smooth to bite through as brownies, and you can even make raw brownies (comparable to traditional brownies) with the “chocolate dough” used here.

This is a basic recipe you can easily build on. Try mixing a little finely crushed nuts into the dough, or add chocolate spices like vanilla, cinnamon, orange peel, etc…

What You’ll Need

*Raw Cacao Paste (If you don’t have cacao paste you can mix raw cacao butter melted in a double boiler with raw cacao powder)
*Raw Honey (Like Really Raw Honey, because it’s semi-cristalized which will make the mix react like dough in consistency)

The Recipe

*Refrigerate the honey (Until it’s thoroughly chilled and hardened as much as it would in the fridge. Mixing cold honey with melted cacao will make it harden into something representing dense cake or brownies.)

*Melt the cacao paste (Either in a double boiler or a food dehydrator.)
(If you where to add nuts, or spice the pralines you would mix them in now. While the cacao is at it’s most melted, before adding honey. Don’t add too much though.)

Once The cacao paste is melted and honey fridge-hardened…

Honey and cacao paste

*Thoroughly mix 1/3 honey (or more depending on desired sweetness)
to 1 part melted cacao paste.

The paste will be made firm by the honey.

Raw chocolate dough

It should be hold-able and yield to the touch like play-dough.
You will easily be able to handle it and roll it.

Raw chocolate dough

*Roll them into balls!

And if you’re feeling adventurously delectable try rolling them into typical praline additions.
Like crushed almonds, macadamias, cashews, or coconut flakes, or cacao powder, orange powder, cinnamon, lucuma powder (which adds a subtle maple, toffee, or butterscotch flavor) , or any other powdered spice that accompanies chocolate well.

Raw cacao pralines

And you’re done!