09/12/11 – Lunch Break Poem

hey you, do you mind? step aside!
hey who? for love of another soldier…
backtalk dedicated to all strong hearts so much older
than the age credited to a face
or cracked years between unwrinkled skin
backtalk… when patience grows thin
hey you, hold a dove to another soldier!
peace, respect, you know we all have scars
but it’s not hard
for all unbending soldiers to hold their chin up
and march hard and far
someday i’ll die, perhaps young, and i’d rather that
than surrender to age, struggle, or pain
i am who i am, and am so much more proud of that
than labels associated with race, gender, country or place
…a thing not even death dare claim;
my inability to surrender.
so, man, can you know respect?
black or white neither are colors to hide
a woman is nothing to resent
you, oh woman, should know
that you’re stronger than the one dealing the blows
there’s equally red blood inside
us all, the same bond for which soldiers thus fall
and wounded hearts tirelessly beat as they remind
us all that ‘you’ is not a sin for which to repent
but good reason to be proud
so, since this is dedicated to all daughters and sons fighting for futures better than now,
yes sir, i do very much mind!
and have nothing to say to either the preacher,
or coward that, out of ineptitude to live their own life,
put a fellow soldier in place from behind a pulpit.

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  1. Raged October 2, 2011 at 12:19 pm | Permalink

    Just do me a favor and keep writing such tncrehant analyses, OK?

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